Spend more time gaming and less time packing up:
Inner table allows your game to be saved mid-game between sessions.

Play with more space than ever before:
The Tribute provides up to double the surface area for gaming than that of a conventional table.
Player stations are designed to accommodate a character sheet and reference book, or a keyboard and mouse.

It's not built for a game, it's built for gamers:
True hybrid gaming design. The Tribute is the only commercial gaming table designed to accommodate table top, miniature, wargaming and PC based gaming.

We think it's the best value gaming table on the market:
No other commercial gaming table offers this much flexibility for the same price.
The flat pack design allows for inexpensive delivery anywhere in Australia.

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Australian Registered Design 200914300
United States Patent D360885
Registered Community Design 001703513-0001

The Tribute Series gaming table made for pen & paper
RPG's, PC LAN and War Gaming.   When your done gaming It converts into stylish dinner table.

Affordable flat pack style tables delivered to your door. Click here for details.

Table Image 1
Makes for a nice looking dinner table
Table Image 2
Table Image 3
Lan Gaming
Table Image 4
All trays extended with the table top leaves off
Table Image 5
Standard sized minatures on the sunken play surface
Table Image 6
Close op of side with trays pushed in